I survived RT, barely.


Happy NationalBoss Day!

My RT recap, kind of.

*Edit to add that this is technically NOT my first RT. I’ve been as a reader, but never and an author.

Georgia doesn’t like me. Let me start there. It never fails, every time I have ever vacationed in Georgia something bad has happened.

Examples include:

  • An anniversary trip with my husband, my house flooded while we were away.
  • We went on a vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains for hiking in the state and national parks, the government shut down.
  • We tried again on another vacation, I ended up with pneumonia.

So why did I try this again??? I must be a glutton for punishment. My close friend, and fellow author, and roommate for the trip, Amy J Hawthorn, went along for this torturous adventure.

We drove, which is fine. Both of us like to drive so that really isn’t an issue. But the trip started with her having some seasonal allergy related problems and me having a cough and the beginnings of a head cold. No problem. Nothing some Airborne and OTC meds can’t handle right? Ugh. Not so much.

AND, to add insult to injury, two hours into the trip my oil light kept flashing off and on. We stopped at an AutoZone in Lexington, KY. I’m muttering about my bad luck with trips to Georgia and Amy mentioned her bad mojo with vehicles.  At AutoZone a very kind mechanic, NOT an employee, but a shopper, looks at the car and tells me that he thinks it is a pressure switch/sensor problem. Okay then. So what do we do? We continue to drive  all the way to Georgia with a binging sound… we started to get used to it and it became background noise. But there was the constant worry that the car was going to blow up. Lucky for us, we made it to Georgia, and back home, without any actual car trouble.

There were multiple panels that I wanted to attend, parties to go to, friends to see… You get the point. What did I do? Well, the first day I registered and slept. Yep. That’s right. I paid a ton of money to drive down to Georgia and sleep off a cold. After the first day I forced myself to do a panel or two each day, and even made it to a few reader events… and did my best to smile through the signings and not act as if I possibly overdosed myself on Robitussin during the Saturday and Sunday signing. I chugged coffee too, lots of coffee.

Did I have a good time? For the most part, yes. But I was so concerned about spreading this crud to other convention goers, and also frightening off possible readers of my one and only book, that I mostly hid in the hotel room.

On the bright side, I am about ten thousand words into book 2 of the series, so that’s something right?

Poor Amy though. She had to listen to my mouth breathing, nose blowing, yucky self for an entire week. All while not feeling so hot herself. She’s a trooper.

I wish I would have gotten to see more friends, and make new ones. But there is always the next convention right? Speaking of, check out my appearances page if you would like to see where I am going to be. And check out my author Facebook page “Author Darcy Stephens” for pics from the convention.

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