Adventures in Cat Rescue, 2017

**This is NOT a book related post.

On Saturday I was working my day job when I was told that there was a litter of kittens (2-3 weeks old by my estimate) and a momma cat underneath a building beside our pharmacy, where we keep extra building fixtures. The animal rescuer in me couldn’t let it go. So I secured rescue and spent the weekend trying to coax the kittens and mother out from underneath the building with cat food and tuna. No luck.

So I borrowed a drop trap and a live trap from a local animal rescue and, with the help of my sister, managed to trap the mother and one kitten. That left four kittens. We stayed in the grass behind my work building for over 3 hours trying to catch the stinkers. It finally got so dark I couldn’t stay any longer because we couldn’t see to trigger the drop trap.

I had to let the mother cat go because the remaining kittens would need her. I was sad, but determined to come back and try the following night. I took my one trapped kitten home and started bottle feeding. He’s a cutie. I’ve named him Asher, he’s a gray tabby, and the name totally suits him.

Sadly, the momma cat has relocated the other kittens to a better hiding place and I haven’t been able to find them. She is coming back and eating the food I am leaving under the building and also drinking the water. So at least I know she/they aren’t starving. I’m still trying to find them. I’ve contacted the neighbors, and continue to search for them daily. I pray I find them.

But at least I caught one. One kitten that will be fully vetted, and go off to rescue to find a forever home. It won’t have to live the life of a stray/feral and possibly die way too early due to lack of nutrition and appropriate care.

I am exhausted and worried, bottle feedings in the middle of the night, going home in the middle of the day to feed, and still checking to find the rest of the litter and the mother. I would love to get them all fixed, vetted, and off to rescue. I’m not sure if it will happen, but I sure hope so!

The moral of this story is spay and neuter your pets. And help spay and neuter strays. There are so many animals out there that need help.

Interested in keeping up with this ongoing saga? Findme on Facebook, I am posting updates and adorable pictures there.

(below: Asher next to a 16 ounce bottle of water, for scale)




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