The how of it…. HOW did I pick Charlotte?


My book series (okay, it will be a book series…. As soon as the rest of the books release) is set in Charlotte, NC. I’ve had a few people ask me why I picked Charlotte. I could tell you that I chose it because it isn’t a place that many books have been set in this city, or I could tell you it was because I am originally from the area. Neither of which are true.

“When Love Finds You” actually started as a writing exercise. I was going to write a simple book about a guy meeting a girl and falling in love. The end. I wanted to work on certain writing skills. I have an entirely different series plotted, and it takes place on a little island along the Maine Coast. Which is a far cry from Charlotte, NC. But during the “exercise” an entirely new series idea attacked my brain and wouldn’t let go… and a series was born.

So I circle back, why did I choose Charlotte? My husband had recently travelled to Charlotte for an anniversary trip. He is a HUGE San Antonio Spurs fans and we went to Charlotte to see the Hornets play the Spurs. While there we also went sight-seeing. I fell in love with the city. I’ll be honest, I am a country girl at heart. I love the quiet, the mountains, and the isolation.  But as cities go, Charlotte is super nice. And since I was doing this as a writing exercise only I thought that it would be EASY (sill author) to write someplace that I had been to, aka less research.

Fun fact: The Cowfish (the place of Kendall and Aiden’s first almost date) really does exist. My husband ate the Hunka Hunka burger and loved it… although when he ordered it I thought he was insane. LOL


Hunka Hunka Burger

I am having a lot of fun incorporating more of Charlotte into book two, TAKE A CHANCE ON LOVE. So far I’ve worked in a farmers market and a quirky little bookstore. Who knows what else will get added along the way!

Anyway, that’s the how of it.

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