Contemporary-a-thon: Part 2


Not sure what I am talking about when I say contemporary-a-thon? Check out my original blog post here: Part 1

So how did I do? Not too great. But not terrible. I managed to get two of the three books read.

I listened to The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker and I also read Muffin Top by Avery Flynn. Both were amazing, and for entirely different reasons. The Simple Wild was an emotional roller coaster. And Muffin Top was exactly what I expect from Avery Flynn, smart, sarcastic, and laugh out loud fun. I wish I had gotten to Alisha Rai’s title but I ran out of time. I will read it this year. I’m excited to get to it. But I do have a self-imposed deadline of my own book that needs finishing first. Until then, I am on a reading pause.


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