Where are my ducks???

Deep Thoughtswith Darcy (1)

Well, here it is, by first blog post. Let me start by saying that it has been such a busy start to the year that I managed to do very little “authorly business”.  What? Authorly isn’t a word? That’s okay, I like it so I am keeping it.  I’m eccentric that way.

I’ve decided that I want my blog posts to be a journal for myself and anyone else interested in reading about my goals, challenges, and (fingers crossed) accomplishments as I plunge into the waters of writing.  So please, hang in there with me. I’m a bit snarky most of the time, but as long as I have had my coffee I won’t bite.  Promise.

I am currently looking for my ducks so that I can get them in a row.  I have signed up for three book conferences this year. RT, Pages in the Cave, and Arch City, and I have a beautiful book cover.  Sadly, what I don’t have is a finished book!  How did that happen?  I must be insane.  I totally put the cart before the horse…. Heck, let’s be honest, the horse is so far back there I can barely see him.  But I am getting there.  I’m determined and I have a great group of friends and family supporting me.  So here I am world, nervous and wearing a shiny “NEWBIE” sticker right on my forehead.

The book so close to being finished. Seriously, just an ending remains to be written. The challenge is writing something that doesn’t feel so completely ridiculous. And there is my problem. I know what I want to happen, how it needs to happen, and what needs to be left hanging for the next two characters to be set up for their book…. It’s all there, almost. But the three, yes, THREE, endings that I have written are all so pathetically lame.  And I love my book; I don’t want a lame ending.  Tomorrow is the day, I am heading to the library with a very large iced coffee and I am going to stay there until I resolve my issue. Or they close. You know, whichever.  Please, please, please, let it be the former.

I managed to get a picture of myself today. The conferences want a head shot.  Why do they have to have a picture?  Oh, that’s right, as some point in time people might actually want to know what I look like.  Not yet of course, because I haven’t published a book. But very soon that will all change. I have to be honest though, I hate pictures of myself. Candid shots taken with friends are one thing, posed pictures of just me? Not so much. But I’m being a big girl and dealing.

And thank goodness I am self-publishing.  Because I have set myself a deadline, one in my head that I will not share because I don’t want to jinx it, but there is a deadline and I MUST have my ending written by a specific date to give editors and the person formatting time to do their thing.

So that’s pretty much it for me today. My goal is to blog twice a month.  I hope that next time I have found my freaking ducks and have managed an ending to my book that doesn’t suck.